Since 1998, Kentucky Roll Company has been dedicated to providing our customers with extraordinary value and friendly service. Located between Louisville and Lexington Kentucky, We manufacture a wide variety of industrial rollers and related products. Call, FAX or E-Mail for a quick competitive quote
  • Anilox Bases
  • Gravure Bases
  • Idler Rolls
  • Plate Cylinders
  • Chill Rolls
  • Heating Rolls
  • Rubber Roll Cores
  • Air Mandrels
  • Chrome Rolls
  • Aluminum Rolls
  • Hardened Sleeves
  • Shipping Crates
  • Roll Repair
  • Roll Modification

Product Mix


  • Diameters Up To 16 Inches
  • Lengths Up To 160 Inches
  • Critical Tolerances To .0005
  • Dynamic & Static Balance

One unique aspect of Kentucky Roll Company is our promptness with quotes. While other shops take 2-3 days to provide a price, our quote times average 30-60 minutes.